Key Achievements

Key Achievements

Individual livelihood equipment support

To resume the livelihood of urban poor home based workers, HomeNet Nepal, in partnership with Oxfam, has been working in program areas since Oct 2017. Almost 1100 HBWs of Lalitpur, Kirtipur and Shankharapur Municipality have been support by individual livelihood equipment support, worth of NRs 15,000 per person. Among them 119 HBWs received additional support, worth of NRs 12,000 for their workplace maintenance. Now the HBWs have been able to resume their work that is significantly contributing to improve their livelihood.

Grant support to poor HBWs to link with cooperative

So, with the aim of increasing HBWs access to financial institution, 100 HBWs received grant support and were linked up with cooperatives. Now they have direct access to financial institution. Many of them have applied for loan to promote their business .It has helped to have habit of regular saving and get loan service when required in an easy way. It has eliminated the problem of borrowing money from individuals whom they had to pay huge interest rate.

Group Production Unit (GPU)

Homenet, in partnership with Oxfam, has established 2 Group Production Unit (GPU), One in Kirtipur and another is in LMC, Ekhalakhu, where 20 HBWs women have been directly benefited. Establishment of GPU in Shankharapur is about to begin by the end of 2017.

Establishment of Product Outlet

Even after producing goods, most of the HBWs still do not have direct link to the market. They don’t really know what is market demand, rate for their products etc. To reduce such gap, and to get more benefit from their product, an product outlet has been established in Ekhalakhu, LMC for such home based workers’ products, where 180 HBWs will be directly benefited per year.



Establishment of Urban Job Hub (UJH): Urban Jobs Hub is an initiation of HomeNet Nepal in support with Oxfam Nepal, which is providing innovative support to help urban poor and vulnerable people of all ages into work, training and enterprise. Its providing a single point of contact for employers offering a unique localized and free of charge bespoke jobs brokerage service. More than 600 people came in to contact with UJH, out of them, 116 urban poor have already been employed via UJH this year.


contributed to the Ministry of Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation in its process of National Urban Poverty Policy Drafting.


a draft policy on home based workers to the concerned ministry.   


national and international seminar and symposium on urban poverty, Governance and livelihood