Food Security & Livelihood

Food Security & Livelihood

In order to provide helping hand to earthquake affected vulnerable home based workers, and taking into account the massive damage caused by earthquake and its aftershocks, HomeNet Nepal, with technical and financial support of OXFAM, has been implementing Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) project in mostly affected wards of Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC), Kirtipur Municipality since Sept 2016 and of Shankharapur Municipality since April 2017. With the aim of resuming livelihood of earthquake affected vulnerable communities, especially home based workers, the project has two- pronged approaches in strategic implementation. One is to support earthquake affected urban poor people of both districts to fulfil their basic need and enhance the capacity to improve their livelihood and renovate the community assets through the cash for work intervention, individual equipment support and additional support, orientation, Training to the needy persons.


On the other hand, the second approach is to support on finding employment to earthquake affected people by linking them with the employers as per their needs and capacity. Moreover, it provides training, skill training and other capacity building opportunities so that their skill will be highly valued and helping on improving their livelihood. HomeNet Nepal, in addition to aiming to improve people’s standards of living through citizen-centric governance and effective service delivery, always support and work based on democratic values and rights-based development.

Major Activities of FSL Project

  • Individual livelihood Equipment support to poor home based workers:

Poor home based workers who have lost their tools, equipment’s, machine due to earthquake; project has supported them with individual livelihood equipment’s, worth of NRs 15,000 in LMC, Kirtipur and Shankharapur Municipality.

  • Establishment of Group Production unit (GPU)

Two Group Production Units have been established in Lalitpur and Kirtipur Municipality in order to provide sound work place, environment, who lacked workplace despite their skills. 20 most vulnerable earthquake affected women regularly work there which has been contributing significantly to improve their livelihood. GPU construction in Kirtipur has been completed where 10 women, who got trained in bakery item, will work and run the GPU. Similarly, another GPU is in Ekhalakhu, Lalitpur. Moreover, GPU in Shankharapur is going to be established very soon by this year.

  • Establishment of Production Outlet as marketing support to the HBWs.

One production outlet has been established in Ekhalakhu, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, to support in marketing of the HBWs and their products. It provides direct opportunities to sell their products and get more benefits from their product, avoiding the middlemen and their profit. It is supposed that total 180 HBWs will be benefited annually from the outlet which will be their own shop, operated and run by themselves. HNN will support more on marketing of the outlet and their products and work for the sustainability of the outlet.

  • Grant support to targeted business and link with cooperative:

In order to provide easy access to financial institution to the poor Homebased workers of Lalitpur Metroplitan City and Shankharapur Municipality, the project has provided grant support to the business and linked with cooperative. After selecting the deserving cooperatives from LMC and Shankharapur, 50 beneficiaries have been linked up with Nagdaha Tourism Cooperative, Dhapakhel, LMC, and 50 beneficiaries have been linked up with Wave Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd, Shankhu, Shankharapur.

  • Training to the HBWs:

    • Business plan Development training.

    • Entrepreneurship Development Training

    • Occupational Health and Safety

    • Skill enhancement training

    • Orientation on Women Right etc.

  • Regular Coordination meetings with local level government.

  • Establishment of Urban Job Hub (UJH)

Urban Job Hub (UJH)

Urban Jobs Hub Nepal provides innovative support to help urban poor particularly affected by the April 15 earthquake of Nepal of all ages into work, training and enterprise. Working with partners, the Urban Job Hub offers 1-2-1-employment support; CV and job search assistance as well as dedicated skill training to help urban poor to find employment. Moreover, Urban Job Hub also provides a single point of contact for employers, offering a unique localized and free of charge bespoke jobs brokerage service. It also provides valuable town centre recruitment locations for employers who may be on the outskirts of town or yet to build their new facility.

  • Main Objectives:

Ensure diversified livelihood option for Earthquake affected at least for 200 households of home-based worker from the selected communities by linking the potential family members to employment opportunity in the formal/informal job market.

  • UJH’s major activities:

    • Conduct interaction meeting with potential employer and employee.

    • Conduct interaction meeting with potential employer.

    • Provide skill enhancement training.

    • Develop and air jingle in media to disseminate message to link beneficiaries.

    • Organise livelihood dabali.

  • Achievements till date:
    • 124 persons have been directly benefited via getting job, job placement after training.

    • Conducting Livelihood Dabali frequently, which is a platform to interact with possible employers and employee.

    • 613 job seekers are already registered in database and many more  contacting to UJH regularly.