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Who We Are

HNN is a Membership Based Organization (MBO) of various forms of working poor from both urban and rural areas of the country which is governed by them with the trust and voices of thousands of working poor in a Bottom to Top Structure.   HNN has an eleven member most inclusive and representative Executive Committee headed by the President Ms. Sharmila Pariyar which was formed by the representation of various forms of working poor through a democratic election process

To provide strategic advice to them, HNN now has a 4 member Advisory Committee which is chaired by Prof. Dr. Jagadish  C. Pokharel, former Vice-Chair person of National Planning Commission, comprising other three members namely; Dr. Chandra Mani Adhikari, Economist, Mr. Prafulla Man Singh Pradhan, urban specialist and Asst. Prof. Dr. Rina Tuladhar, academician.  HNN also has some other operational bodies such as; Finance Committee, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee which work on the basis of its policies, directives, guidelines & tools to ensure its better governance, effective implementation, trust-worthy accountability and transparency within the institutionalization.